Sardis Community Hall/Sunday School addition was completed and ready for occupancy October 1, 2015. The completion of buiding this project is a real God send. Many hours were put in by Robin Powell and Bobby Webb to make such a beautiful addition at the lowest cost possible. Many new items such as windows, appliances, tables, chairs and fixtures were donated by Sardis members.  If you have not been to our church lately you need to come and revel in this blessing. We had many volunteers, donations and pledges and are very grateful. The community hall is available for members and non-members to rent. We have rented the hall to Lake Country Area Aging Agency for their Congregate Meal Site on Mondays. But we continue to need donations/Pledges to make the mortgage payment and up keep. So please consider continuing or giving your support. We would like to send a special thanks to Tommy Powell for his many hours of labor, the use of his tools, and his helpers in putting up the handrails in front of the church. It is truly a blessing when a congregation and community comes together to make the completion of such a wonderful project possible. Please check our donation page for more information.

Sardis Historian representatives. Becky and Bob Semple serve as the Church Historians. We ask everyone to help them with gathering the history of Sardis as much as possible. The history of the church is as important as the present congregation and events. Take time to document and take photos, go through old family & church member information and photos. Contact Becky or Bob Semple with any information that you have to share. Please make every effort to help answer their questions too. 

Sardis Sunshine Club – 
If you know of a church member in the hospital please contact Jean at 434-636-2306.

Go to our Calendar of Events to see what we have planned. Come and join in the fellowship!

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