Prayer Request Page

Prayer requests

Mary Margaret Baltrus; Betty Lou Blallock; Dee Holland Brock; Hae Na Hyeon; Shirley Carter; Larry Daves; April Edmonds; Dena Emmons; Larry Jackson; Fay Lambert; Kathy Main; Darlene Moorehead; Caleigh Mumford; Debbie Parsons; Jim Phillips; Carolyn Piercy, Evelyn Webb; Marie Zervakis; Tim Dowling; Lisa Watkins; Dylan Boyd; Darnell Kennedy; Isaiah Hamp; Judy Wilson; Jessie Moore; Gary Billing; Sarah, Pike; Ricky Ezell; Brooklyn Sadler; Maggie Webb; Tony Kim and the Kim Family; Kara Bingham


+Victims & their families struggling with addiction

+Protection for those in Law Enforcement, Firefighters, EMT’s and the Military


Please let us know how we can pray for you. If you wish to keep your prayer request private please check the “Keep private” checkbox, otherwise your name and prayer will be posted publicly on this page. (Email addresses are always kept private.) The private request are viewed by our minister  only.

For our local charge members Sardis has a prayer chain, if you or anyone you know has an immediate need of prayers please contact Pastor Linda Betit-Buck 434-696-2942, Robin Powell 434-447-7701, Jean Messer 636-2306, Ann Reamy 757-7486, Rita Southerland 917-5765, Sara Hazelwood 434-447-2846, Susan Sculthorpe 434-636-0202, Catherine Powell 434=6362752, Becky Jane Semple 636-5593,

Sardis family, friends and community can have names added to our bullentin prayer list by contacting Jean Messer at 636-2306